Roger Kraig

After a lifetime of work of evaluating and transforming the bodies of Professional Athletes, Olympians and everyday people, Roger Kraig formed Flexibility First Academy in 2014.   The goal is to simplify, identify and eliminate the “root cause” of physical problems in one simple safe proven program known as Flexibility First. Roger is using his program to physically help everyone he can and finally to teach the Flexibility First program to as many as possible to further the Flexibility First cause.

The four pillars of health and fitness are Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Power.  The key to unlocking the body’s potential and developing top elite performance is optimal Flexibility.  By isolating and reactivating tight or tense muscle you restore the flexibility and function of the muscle and the joint that the muscle is attached to.  The first rule in physical therapy is to re-establish range of motion and flexibility before any strength training program.

While attending college Roger was training as an elite gymnast and suffered a severe injury to his back.  He was immobilized in a body cast for 6 months during which time his muscles atrophied, he experienced severe pain and had a very limited range of motion. During this time Roger reflected back on his gymnastic training and recalled how the partner assisted stretching they practiced always helped alleviate his soreness from training. The physical therapy that Roger first went through was similar to the techniques used in his high level training.  Roger realized at that time that because of the movement along with the increasing range of motion from the therapy that the pain in his body was decreasing as they progressed. Ultimately the light bulb switched on; if this partner assisted stretching works for the severely injured and works for an elite athlete, then it has to work for everyone. He then started work on what he now refers to “Flexibility First”.

Roger attended Texas Tech University and earned a BS, Sports Medicine & Athletic Sports Training.  Once he became an undergraduate he worked full time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO training Olympians for the 1984 games using the partner assisted stretching program he developed. He then completed his Masters in Sports Medicine at Southwest Texas State University while continuing his research and development of the Flexibility First program he uses today.

In 1988 Roger started Flexibility First and set out to help as many athletes as possible using his program.  Initially his clientele were professional and world class athletes.  He transformed their bodies and improved their game; he increased his skill and created a career based on the first pillar of fitness, “Flexibility”.

Roger has a long client list that includes professionals in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, ATP, PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour and Tour.  Many of his clients call with specific needs and consult with Roger to help them keep their “competitive edge”. He has been featured in Golf Digest, Golf Illustrated, National Golfer, Senior Golfer, AZ Republic, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC and the Golf Channel.

Roger has certifications from NATA (Governing body for professional sports), ACSM, IDEA, ACE, and C.E.P.A.

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“Roger Kraig has got my body so much more flexible allowing me to swing with no restriction. My distance and accuracy have improved greatly.”

Charlie Beljan / PGA Tour

“Fabulous! While on vacation in Scottsdale, Roger Kraig used his unique Partner Assisted Stretching techniques to fix a long term back problem that kept me from swinging a golf club or doing anything else that required bending or twisting the back. I was facing a life of limited physical mobility and a trajectory that led directly to being crippled old man. In two sessions there were remarkable improvements. After 2 and half weeks it was as if Roger had turned back the clock by a decade. Ten months later my back is still pain free, and I have the lowest golf handicap of my life. “

Roy Atkinson

“I have worked with Roger Kraig as a client and I’ve seen the results in many PGA Tour Players – Amazing!”

Steve Loy / Sports Agent - Phil Mickelson

Flexibility First Academy is now an Approved CEU provider with the Organizations below:

FFA1: Manual Flexibility Specialist: Full Body Level 1
NCBTMB Approved CEU Provider | 24.0 CEUs

Flexibility First Academy is a NCBTMB Approved CEU Provider. Certification of this level 1 course provides for NCBTMB 24 CEUs.

FFA1: Manual Flexibility Specialist: Full Body Level 1
NASM Approved CEU Provider | 0.8 CEUs

Flexibility First Academy is a NASM Approved CEU Provider. Certification of this level 1 course provides for NASM 0.8 CEUs.